With many years’ experience in the Financial Services sector marketing, we know how tricky it can be to balance compliance and regulatory obligations with the sale of your proposition or product, and some strong calls to action, but many financial organisations still manage to do it very well.

Without the marketing firepower of the big banks under your wings, activity for smaller financial firms tends to get very tactical, resorting to simpler customer targeting through email and direct mail, with local advertising bringing in new leads (as well as all important recommendations).

But a strong website, with relevant content for your audience is still a key source of lead generation for IFAs and can be the best way to market authentically to prospective clients.

Your prospects are often online, and searching for the types of services you offer on a regular basis. And the market isn’t too saturated with keywords (the words prospects use in search engines to search around the internet) so SEO is critical to making sure your firm is high in the listings when customers and prospects are looking for advice.

But how do you stand out from your competitors when customers do find you online? We know for smaller financial firms like IFAs the market is very competitive, and it’s very difficult to differentiate beyond experience and service (which most IFAs will claim to be the best at anyway).

We think there is one way to differentiate and stand out from your competition and get more customers. Professionalism.  Having a strong accessible website, that’s easy to navigate, and talks about your service in a clear and professional way is critical, but just as important is good SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies. This goes beyond your website and involves the development of content, increasing your online presence, and getting your name out there more often than your competition. Not only does this push you to being #1 on google search engine listing, but it also makes you looks more competent and professional, and more authentic than other firms in your local area.

This is where we can help. Not only can we provide a website that stands out, and puts you much higher in the search engine rankings, we can also provide monthly SEO activity that will push your business and get you more customers.

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